North America

Geography 7th Class At this time you are studying North America so let’s have a look at some facts relating to North America. Also at the end there is the presentation we would have done in class, feel free to download it and have a look. If you have any questions please do contact me. For our study purposes North America is made up of … Continue reading North America


CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE 2020 6TH CLASS AND 8TH CLASS 11/12/20 Hello everyone, we have a new challenge for you. Please watch the presentation below. There is no online AJK lesson today but instead you must make a video of your answers to the presentation questions and you MUST send it before the end of your AJK lesson. 6th class DEADLINE 11/12/20 10:40 am 8th class DEADLINE … Continue reading ***CHALLENGE***

XMAS 2020

CHRISTMAS FACTS & CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD It will be Christmas very soon, so like every year we are going to have some lessons based around this theme. I love Christmas very much and probably it is my favourite holiday. I am sure it is the same for many of you too. Now every year we talk about Christmas, you tell me about Christmas in … Continue reading XMAS 2020


INTRODUCTION As you may have seen the United States of America (USA/US) has just had a new presidential election. So I thought it would be a nice idea to give you some information about the American election, the candidates, political parties and the political system of the world’s only super power. This year, 2020 has been a very difficult year in many ways especially with … Continue reading Blog: US ELECTIONS

Blog: Art 9th Class – Impressionism

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to start this topic at school, which is a real shame as impressionism is one of my favourite styles of art. I am pretty sure you already know something about impressionism and certainly you will recognise both paintings and painters. Feel free to download the presentation I would have given you in class (download here). You can also download the … Continue reading Blog: Art 9th Class – Impressionism

Blog: Story Time 6th to 9th Class 10/11/20

We all like a good story, not everyone likes reading especially reading in a foreign language but I have found quite a nice website that has some short stories with parallel texts. This means the story is shown both in Czech and English so this can help you with improving your English and learning new vocabulary. Also there is some good news for those who … Continue reading Blog: Story Time 6th to 9th Class 10/11/20

Blog: Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night 05/11/20

Remember, remember the fifth of November,Gunpowder treason and plot.We see no reasonWhy gunpowder treasonShould ever be forgot! Guy Fawkes, guy, t’was his intentTo blow up king and parliament.Three score barrels were laid belowTo prove old England’s overthrow. By god’s mercy he was catch’dWith a darkened lantern and burning match.So, holler boys, holler boys, Let the bells ring.Holler boys, holler boys, God save the king. And … Continue reading Blog: Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night 05/11/20

Blog: Miscellaneous 6th -9th Class 30/10/20

Firstly I am sure you are looking at the word: miscellaneous and you are wondering, what it means. Well I will make it easy for you. It could be smíšený or maybe rozmanitý or even, různý exactly which one is the best definition I am not sure, because between you and me my Czech is not that good. Basically miscellaneous is like a mixture of … Continue reading Blog: Miscellaneous 6th -9th Class 30/10/20