Czechoslovakian Border Conflicts 1918-1920

(History Class 9) Even just a matter of days after the formation of the First Czechoslovak Republic there were fresh disputes with the new neighbours in particular Poland and Hungary. Below is a presentation discussing this. Continue reading Czechoslovakian Border Conflicts 1918-1920

The Second World War Part 5

ENDGAME We have come to the end of our main series on the Second World War. Below is the last presentation which I invite you download, well in fact you will need to download it to answer the worksheet questions. In this presentation we will go through 1944 the battles for Italy through to D-Day and the Normandy landings. We also follow the situation in … Continue reading The Second World War Part 5

Blog: The Age of Extremes – 9th class history.

Having looked at the First World War we are going to look at some the most important social and political changes that occurred as a result of the war. The war had a huge impact on the future of Europe and even changed the map forever. Great Empires collapsed and were replaced by small independent states. The war ended the Austro-Hungarian Empire and brought Czechoslovakia … Continue reading Blog: The Age of Extremes – 9th class history.

Blog: History 9th Class WWI 22/10/20

A little follow up to our last history lesson, I hope it is interesting for you. You can also find my presentations online as well as some other resources. Sadly we missed our last history lesson and we didn’t have a chance to finish the documentary. I hope you thought it was interesting. If you have HBO you can continue watching there or maybe you … Continue reading Blog: History 9th Class WWI 22/10/20