Hello everyone I hope you are well and healthy. Today I thought I would post some video resources to help you with a better understanding of geography. Of course there are many resources on the internet for learning geography so it was hard to keep the list small but the following I think are best ones for you to use at the moment, if you … Continue reading GEOGRAPHY VIDEO RESOURCES

XMAS 2020

CHRISTMAS FACTS & CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD It will be Christmas very soon, so like every year we are going to have some lessons based around this theme. I love Christmas very much and probably it is my favourite holiday. I am sure it is the same for many of you too. Now every year we talk about Christmas, you tell me about Christmas in … Continue reading XMAS 2020

Country Profiles: Europe 1: The Czech Republic

Blog: Geography 8th Class Europe We have decided to make a regular feature to supplement your Geography lessons. In this feature we will have a series of country profiles in this case as you are studying Europe we will make profiles of different European countries. At the end of the profile there will be a printable worksheet for you to download and test your knowledge. … Continue reading Country Profiles: Europe 1: The Czech Republic

Blog: Geography 8th Class 28/10/20

We started to look at Europe in your geography classes in English but unfortunately school was closed before we had the chance to look in more detail. So I have decided to post a few facts about Europe that I hope you will find interesting. For me Europe is an amazing continent so rich in culture and history. Every country has an exciting story to … Continue reading Blog: Geography 8th Class 28/10/20