The Second World War Part 1

The Road To War:

This is a very big theme and so it would be impossible to talk about the Second World War in just one presentation. We will look at this hugely devastating conflict over the next few weeks. In this post and the presentation below we will look at the so called “Road to War”, we will examine the causes and reasons why World War Two happened. Please watch the video of the presentation below, you can also download the presentation and there is a worksheet you can download and complete too. Over the next few days I will post some more information and resources to help you learn more about this very important and very interesting subject.

I think it is important to say that my view and the way I see the Second World War is a little different to yours, of course I studied and learned about this conflict from an English/British perspective born from British experiences of the war, as Czechs you will see it from a different way as you had a completely different national experience.

As always if you have any feedback or questions regarding this topic please message me. Good luck with the worksheet. The questions are not very difficult, your challenge is to just look through the information I give you to find the answers, do not worry if you do not understand everything.



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